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Cardiology Consult

What is a Cardiology Consult?

A cardiology consult is an appointment with a cardiologist during which you can discuss all aspects of your heart health. Consultations play an important role in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

WCC: Cardiac Consultation

Why is it done?

Your doctor might request a cardiology consult to:
  • Predict or manage early warning signs of heart disease
  • Help diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the heart
  • Provide you with specific advice and information regarding the diagnosis or treatment of a heart condition
  • Initiate or continue to manage a heart condition or related symptoms
  • Use as a preventative measure and monitor for changes in your heart (as we age we become more prone to cardiovascular disease)

How do I prepare?

  • Bring a complete list of your medications
  • Have the name of your current pharmacy and it’s contact information available
  • Bring a complete list of food supplements
  • Review your personal medical history as well as your family medical history (these topics will be discussed during the consult)
  • Bring a list of any allergies that you may have

What happens during the consultation?

Your cardiac consultation will be with one of our board-certified cardiologists/cardiovascular specialists. The consult will consist of a medical examination, review of your medical history and may include further testing.  The duration and scope of a consultation will vary from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral for a cardiology consult?

Yes. A referral is required. Your doctor or specialist will request a cardiology consult when they want a heart specialist (cardiologist) to use their expertise in evaluating your heart.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring a list of your current medications, food supplements, allergies and medical history. Make note of your current pharmacy and it’s contact information as well.

It it possible to arrange a virtual or telephone consult?

Yes. Our staff members will let you know whether your cardiology consult will be done in-office or over the phone. 

If you’d prefer a telephone consult please let our staff members know during your booking.

How/When do I get my results?

The cardiologist will prepare a report of their findings along with recommendations for treatment and any further testing. This report will be sent to the referring physician.

If further testing is needed a follow-up consult will be scheduled to discuss the results and monitor any changes.

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